Tuna Run Bait Ball Package

Tuna Run Bait Ball Package

These beautiful Bait Ball Sculptures are made of aluminum and hand shaped and etched then welded together to create a realistic display of a shimmering bait ball fleeing from predatory fish species. It is made in 3 sections for shipping purposes.

These beautiful pieces make a dramatic display on there own or when combined with fish sculptures around them for you Home, Lake Property, are Restaurant Setting.

***This beautiful scene includes 3-Piece Bait Ball with 1- 42″ Aluminum Yellowfin Tuna, 1- 36″ Aluminum Yellowfin Tuna, and 1- 32″ Aluminum Yellowfin Tuna
All pieces are done in Aluminum***

***Piece is made with mounting brackets welded on back with a clear powder coat finish***

***3- Piece Section Measures approximately: 103″ x 45″***

***Measurements are approximate as pieces can be place together at different angles to create a different profile.***